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brand story

Marta Janicka - designer behind MURKY brand
Marta Janicka - designer

I am a textile designer and fashion designer. My name is Marta and I created MURKY brand.

I wanted to share my design with you. I wanted to feel more impactful on others people life. That’s why I decided to create impactful prints that are fully wearable. I share with you my love for minimalism and solid lines. Let me know if you like it.

I know that fashion is quite serious. It’s a business. It has to be serious. But at the same time it wakes up my inner rebel. I just have to add some personal sane perspective and smile. So let’s smile together.

Take a look at my e-shop offer or follow my personal profile on Instagram at @janicka_marta.

MURKY brand

I create for woman that sets the rules and boldly reaches for everything she wants. If you are not yet like that strong woman (don’t worry) my beautiful items will definitely help you to feel like that. Let's try.

MURKY brand is small fashion brand created in Poland. It offers minimalist and modern clothing. They are easy to mix and match with basic pieces that are the best that goes with all prints. Black and white colors dominate but sometimes I add a pinch of carefully selected colors.

Everyday work at studio

Please be patient. For some designs you have to wait up to 7 working days. This is because I don’t like waste. I create, when you want to buy. I sew everything in Poland and pay a decent wage to people I work with. This is fair. I want my business to be totally fair. I care about the quality of each product. I’m obsessed with details.


You feel the soul of the brand and you want to create a custom order? Or for a special event you need more tailor-made design? Please, let me know. I like such a challenge. Contact me by phone +48501604884 or send me an email to


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